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Authentication Vs Authorization

In simple terms, authentication is the process of verifying who a user is, while authorization is the process of verifying what they have access to. More about Authentication Authentication is the process of identifying users and validating whom they claim to be. One of the most common and obvious factors to authenticate identity is a […]


Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Object Oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that relies on the concept of classes and objects. It is used to structure a software program into simple, reusable pieces of code blueprints, which are used to create individual instances of objects. There are many object-oriented programming languages including JavaScript, C++, Java, and Python. First we […]


Future of User Interface Design

The face of a computing system is the User Interface (UI), which is how we engage with our technologies. It’s changed a lot in the previous few years. As a result, user interfaces are crucial in determining the future of computing. When GUI operating systems like Macintosh and Microsoft first hit the market, the concept […]


Is Java String Immutable or not?

The meaning of String Immutable Immutable means once created some an object, we cannot change modify it. Let’s talk about why does matters that String are immutable. We create the string variable called “dog” and assign it a value,” Golden Retriever”. Now you decide to change the same variable and assign a value, “Boxer”. Before […]


Being Agile Vs Doing Agile

Agile is the IT industries’ hotshot strategy. According to Digital.ai’s 14th Annual State of Agile report, 95% of the 1,121 survey respondents said their organizations “practice Agile development methods.”   Agile goes beyond the general rules of a traditional methodology. Its adoptability to change and resilience to adopt to cross cultured markets makes it the makes it the best in the pool of management tactics. However, the stats show the actual concept behind agile is not to restrict it to the engineering process or to the mid-tier of the organization. Using agile for the software development and a company completely embracing agile as a process are two completely different scenarios. That’s where the philosophy of “Being Agile” Vs “Doing Agile” come into play.  Doing Agile is the process of implementing agile to an organization in some level. This commonly depicts that the organization have implemented agile to the engineering process. It’s a very common scenario in the Software industry. The process of agile includes adding iterative approach to the projects and later breaking down them to incremental steps to manage them more effectively and precisely. Different scrum roles such as Scrum Master, Product owner and the scrum team will be involved in the process.  However, in the process of “Doing agile” this mainly seems to be the sole purpose of project management. The company’s top tier will not get included to this process unless they play a hands on the PM process. This is not being agile completely. Agile is not just a process or a methodology, it’s a mindset where you become more and more prone to change and where adoptability becomes a part of each employee within the organization.  “Being Agile” includes all of above agile processes and then going an extra mile to build a fully Agile organization. In the Sri Lankan and Global tech industry today, it’s a well-known fact where the changes are imminent for survival. The changes are not just in technology but in business, processes, resources and within every and each component. To cater to this ever changing environment its important the organizations are future proof and super adoptable.  That’s where “Being Agile” comes in handy. To get to a stage where the company is “Being Agile” it’s important to adopt an agile mindset not just for any layer but within all the layers within an organization. The initial step would be to teach and guide employees about agile and the values of agile.  True Agile practitioners are inspired by the core values and principles of Agile and are fully committed to incorporating them into their everyday practices. Many Sri Lankan software companies today are committed towards the transformation from “Doing Agile” to “Being Agile”. By understanding the values of agile and adhering to its core concept a future proof organization can be built which will be an open environment where ideas are freely discussed and valued, and where each employees is highly adoptable and ready to change with the future. The famous author Steve Denning notes in Forbes, “organizations that implement Agile processes but don’t operate with an Agile mindset are simply engaging in “fake Agile” or doing Agile in name only. It isn’t enough to just “do” Agile — you must have an Agile mindset.”  Author –Yohan TrevoyProgram Manager


Testing on Microservices

In this blogs, you will learn the testing types and tools when it comes to testing on Microservices. Today most of the BIGs such as Netflix, Amazon, Uber have moved towards microservice, this makes microservice testing more imperative. Q1. What are microservices? Microservices are an architectural style that develops a single application as a set of […]